In the Tip Jar, Please

It was quiet in the café this afternoon, so I figured when a couple came in who had never been before, that I’d go all out. Told them to take a seat while I made their drinks, went out to the table to take their order, delivered food. Basically did everything that a server would do in a non-counter service restaurant. Everything except take out the check at the end of the meal. But I still thought ‘above and beyond, it’ll at least be a good tip.’ And then when the guy came up to pay, nice guy, he counted out the exact bills, and then dug into his pocket and counted out the exact change to hand to me. On a $30+ check! Completely stiffed.

And then sometimes someone will order house coffee or a muffin and tip you two bucks. Bizarre.

Or alternately, when I work as a valet, we’ll get a $20 tip to hold someone’s car in the valet zone. To not park it, as they don’t want to have to wait when they come back out. Never mind that there’s a free, security patrolled self-park lot half a block away.

Tipping culture is absurd.


2 thoughts on “In the Tip Jar, Please

  1. what would you tip if you had the house coffee and a muffin? what about when you pay by credit card for two portuguese donuts in honokaa?

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