By the River

Cycled down to the river after work. I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this more. Maybe because until quite recently the water was too cold to be enjoyable. So I’d take advantage of our apartment pool instead. But lounging there there would always be other obnoxious people, and it could be crowded, and after all, it is only an apartment complex pool. Instead of that, today I’m sitting on the bank of a fast flowing river, under a willow tree that I’ve just climbed down from the brnaches where I was reading. I’ve already been swimming and am air drying in the dappled sunlight coming through the leaves. And the only sound I hear is the babbling of the water rushing past on its way to downtown Reno. Oh, and the occasional shouts of people tubing on the river. Small price to pay.

This is how I want to relax. With proper stillness. Perched in a high branch of a willow reading, only to glance up and see a deer grazing twenty feet away from me. And if I’m going to write, why not do it with my feet dipping into the water, an iced latte from work sitting next to me, shirtless in the breeze wih no one else around?


2 thoughts on “By the River

  1. I remember reading Socrates – he used to have grand philosophical talks with his buddies along the rivers and sometimes with their feet dipping into the water!

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