Time Keeps on Slipping…

Two hours later… three hours? I don’t really know. I must have gotten here to the café at 10:30 or 11. It is now 1:30. That is a lot of time, and all of it went to editing and submitting blogs. And typical café time-wasting. I had visions of working on fiction today, or getting back into free writing. Something that has been lacking from my life with work and everything. It hasn’t happened though. I sat outside for the first couple hours, tracking time by my movements across the café lawn as the sun rotated across the sky. And then I bailed and came inside. And here I sat, doing final edits and pressing submit on seven Borgen Project articles, most of which have been written since Tuesday. Why didn’t I submit any earlier? Good question. I get distracted. I procrastinate. It happens.

So now I’m debating lingering in the café past the three hour mark, or making a move. I think movement is going to win out. Maybe a bookshop? Maybe the library? Maybe a nap in a park? Maybe some pleasant combination of the three?


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