Half Full… Ish

K. So it’s this time tomorrow. And amazing and wonderful things have yet to manifest. I am not on a spaceship, sailing across an empty sea. Instead I am sitting in a café again, thinking about amazing and wonderful things, about spaceships and empty seas. Which is a positive. But I’ve neglected my iced latte and it’s now watered down. So that’s a negative. But I just submitted an article idea to an online journal, so that’s a feather in my cap. But I also just received a ‘letter of regret,’ regarding another application I’d submitted to write for a travel journal. So that’s a black eye. But I had a good breakfast, pancakes with honey yogurt and strawberries, so that’s a good thing. But I now won’t have time for lunch before I start working my afternoon shift, so that’s a bad thing.

The trick is maintaining mediocrity. Mitigating success with failure. Keeps me humble.


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