I Remember…

I remember, Monday making our lives gray… No wait! That’s a Yeasayer song. But I do remember that. That feeling after the most magical of weekends, when life was going to continue forever in a magical haze of summertime feeling and endless bliss. And then on the drive home, doubt beginning to creep in. First just a wrinkle in the back of our minds. A shiver down our spines. Chills, and then those creeping fingers, massaging our shoulders with ice and sliding slowly, smoothly up our necks, caressing our skulls with dread.

I remember, making love on a Sunday. And how our eyes were open to all possibilities. And we knew that life was going to be like this forever. Always has already begun, let’s not change a thing! And then Sunday morning turned to Sunday afternoon turned to Sunday evening. And the sunshine turned to gray. Night slowly creeping in, the twilight of everything we thought might once be good. ‘I’m not sure I’m ready for Monday,’ you said to me. I was never ready for Monday.

I remember, thinking this would never end. And we sat there watching TV Sunday night after the long drive home. Alone together, living our lives vicariously through flickering images on a screen. ‘Remember when that used to be us?’ you sighed. But I didn’t remember. Yesterday was such a long time ago, and by tomorrow everything will have changed. Oh but didn’t you notice? Everything changes. One day becomes the next, dawn becomes day becomes dusk. And in the dusk, all this color turns to gray.

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember

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