Waiting is the Hardest Part

I’ve found myself obsessively checking the comments section on a Dallas Stars blog today. Not my usual behavior. But the reason is that the blog is my own, and it’s part of a tryout for a position with the staff. I’m one of three finalists, but my sample was the first to go up. The next will be Friday, and the final one next Monday. 

So now I’m on tenterhooks, checking out the reaction to my post, but having to wait for the follow up ones over the next few days! And they’ll have the benefit of having seen mine. Agony. I want to know now! Did I get it? Did I get the position? 

Wait and see. 

That’s always the trouble. So many things we do in life, we then have to sit back and wait for the response. It’s exciting, sure. I can daydream about actually getting the position, something that would no longer be possible were I to be told I had failed. But it doesn’t get rid of this ancy feeling, like I’m on the edge of some big change in my life, something that could affect everything that is to come… or alternately it’ll come to nothing. 

Heads you win, tails you lose. 


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