Into the Maelstrom

And suddenly it all comes crashing down. Inexplicably, but speaking to a darker truth. I hate when things seem so good, but they’re not. Kinda puts my head in a spin. I’m thinking yes, but saying no, and everything is spinning around faster and faster. Stop! Let me just grab something real quick, something to hold onto. Pause for a quick breath, and then off we go again, back into the maelstrom. That or we let ourselves get cast aside. I couldn’t hack it. What to do? And we wash up gasping on a distant shore, sole survivors of the shipwreck, with the tropical storm still raging out there on the horizon. A flash of lightning skitters across the sky and the waves still come crashing in. Waves, and riding them the flotsam and jetsam of the wreck of our lives. 


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