Life and a Bottle of Wine

She looked in on me from a distance. Said ‘you know, it’s better here. On the outside looking in.’ I scoffed when she said it afforded her a clarity lacking from within. And don’t we just think we’re so clever? So I told her we’d make a deal. I’d step outside the box for a moment, call it a chance to find some perspective. If she’d live inside for a time. You can’t always live amongst the stars I told her. ‘Watch me,’ she said. And I knew then that she couldn’t be held. And I also knew that I never wanted to. Why cage a bird that’s only beautiful when it’s flying free? We’re forever connected though, her and me, I and she. Circling each other at the end of tethers. You can go wherever you like, but only as long as you take me with you.

She smiled then. That knowing smile, and her eyes sparkled. ‘Isn’t this fun?’ she then said to me. This great game of life. We spin and turn and tuck and tumble, and at the end, look where we ended up. No regrets? Not a one. I’m here aren’t I? Then she laughed and said she knows what happens next. But she wouldn’t tell me. ‘It’s a secret. But it involves you and me and an infinite series of possibilities. And maybe a bottle of wine.’ Life’s like that. One stable element, a myriad of wildcards, and a bottle of wine.

I’ll take her as my stable element. 


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