Everything Fades

Dreams are fading. They have a tendency to do that. And yet we still make it a habit to build them up. When will we ever learn?! Better to live life on an even keel. Not look forward to too much. Not build it up too much. But where’s the fun in that? I’m gonna be the greatest. I believe that. And someday it’ll probably all come crashing down around me. We die a thousand tiny deaths as we stumble through this thing called life. A thousand tiny deaths, where we slough off the old skin and begin a second take at life. Act 2 Scene 1. Take 30. We’ll get there in the end. It’s not easy though you know?

There’s a cold breeze blowing. The warmth of the day doesn’t last long here. Sun goes down and there! No more heat. Sucked out of the air. Was it even there to begin with? Just a trick of the light. Just a rush of blood to the surface of the skin. Moths to a candle’s flame. And with a flash, another one bites the dust.

There was something important I had to say. I’m sure of it. Gone though. Like a dream upon waking. A butterfly on the breeze. A leaf floating downstream, and bam, over the cataracts we go.

Poof! It’s like a fairy tale. And everything around you disappears.


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