Accidental Metaphors

‘Some things just don’t ever feel right,’ she said to me, and threw the stone she’d been holding into the Sound before reaching to pick up another one. ‘And sometimes, you can’t say why, but it just fits.’ She looked down at the stone in her hand, tossed it between her hands, and abruptly threw it into the Sound, where it landed in the middle of the expanding rings of the first. This all happened years ago. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. I don’t think she even was. Accidental metaphors. Best kind. This is a metaphor for life I said to her. ‘A metaphor for dying you mean.’ Was that prophetic? Or was she just in that kind of mood?

Clean slate. Blank page empire. Square one. Everybody likes starting over. But not completely. Let me keep the good things, erase the bad, and we’ll, you know, build on it. See what comes. Two jumps in a week, and maybe next week we’ll make it three. Baby steps. One things leads to another leads to another. I woke up this morning in a cloud of fog. Help, help, I’m drowning! Ah wait, just a trick of the light. Suffocating quietly, surrounded by unbreathable air. Whaddaya know. Time for a change. Open your eyes. It’s the first step. I once, was blind, but now, I see. Take away the cataracts and we’ll call it golden. Milky blue turned to azure. Rains have gone. Sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight. What would you say if I said to you? No wait. I’ve just thought of something worth living for. And it goes like this…


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