Chasing Dreams?

Time has a habit of getting away from us. I even chased it this last week, driving west across America, going back in time, hoping somehow to catch up to that moment I’d lost… 

But I couldn’t drive fast enough. As fast as I went, the sun still rose in the east, and set in the west, and every evening I’d find myself blinded, the low slanting rays piercing in beneath the sun visor, dazzling me as I passed through the deserts of the southwest. And then the next morning there that great orb would be, looking down over my shoulder, casting my shadow long in front of me, a shadow, reaching back in time before me, with me spending all morning trying to catch up. Tag! You’re it! I’d shout at noon, and keep running, with my shadow now in hot pursuit, but every day lagging as night drew in. 

We think we know, but we don’t. We think after all this time being asked the same question, that we finally have the answer for it. Why? 42. Doesn’t work. So we go back to the drawing board. Running here there and everywhere, convinced that the solution is right under our noses. Or maybe under that rock over there. Or behind that tree. An Easter egg hunt, and the prize will be better than any candy imaginable. Or will it? 

Nobody knows, and the silence stretches on. I had an idea once. Something to make it all worthwhile. To make it easy. And I watched the world around me fall into recognizable order. Freeze frame this moment, let’s stay here forever. 

And then I woke, with a smile on my face, and that dream, that dream that I had been chasing, faded like mist upon the wind. 


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