The Only Non-Superfluous Speech

Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders

How to reduce language to seven words? Focus on the important ones. Coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, mocha.

See, with language, the key is understanding and the nuance of meaning. The ability to differentiate subtle variations in desires. A vehicle for expression.

Strip language back to those seven words, and everything else fades away. All concerns, all debates, all conflict. The only drama of the day is that demanding decision of which word to use in the morning. Which word to fully capture one’s intentions and encourage the embracing of a new day. All thought could be bent towards the resolution of that simple daily conundrum. A singular focus, embraced by all speakers of this sept-mot language.

And besides. It’s always been the only way humanity has ever understood one another. Over a cup of coffee.


Random Cafe Encounters: A White Beard and a Belly Does Not Necessarily Mean Santa Claus

‘What the hell kinda place is this?’ he says to me. 

He had walked in, slowly, deliberately, clutching a ten dollar bill. Walked from the front door up to the counter, a man who I would have described as jolly, except he was anything but. In sympathies anyway. In looks he could work at a mall all through the Christmas season, his white beard framing a round face, a belly that would have filled out any extra-large red suit. 

But he walks up to the counter, and very softly tells me, doesn’t ask, but tells me, ‘I want a large latte, triple shot, half vanilla and half sugar-free coconut.’ Now, we’re mild snobs at the cafe I work at. Lattes are only served in one size, flavors are limited, and we certainly don’t carry any sugar-frees. So I tell him that I’m sorry, we don’t have any sugar-free coconut. 

To which he replies with the line that opens this post, ‘What the hell kinda place is this?’ 

‘I’m… sorry? Sir. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.’ I was definitely hoping he was joking at this point. Waiting for a jolly laugh to come booming out. Instead though, he turned around, muttering about the quality of the place. In my mind I have him calling it a ‘two-bit establishment,’ but I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually say that. 

He did leave though. Turned and walked out, due to a lack of sugar-free coconut flavoring. ‘There’ll be a Starbuck’s just down the street and on the left sir!’