Between Fantasy and Reality

Where do we go from here? Sometimes everything seems so real. Like a heightened sense of reality. Like you’re connected to everything and everything revolves around you. I can touch and feel and taste everything. And then other times I disappear for a while. But I swear! I used to be part of that world! Then I went to sleep and woke up a stranger in a strange land. Am I less real now? Am I the one fading? Insubstantial. Incomprehensible? Or do we all come and go? The borders grow thin. We all slip between fantasy and reality. Who wants to be grounded anyway? I was grounded once. I was the most boring fucking person in existence. So I swan dived into the nearest rabbit hole and found myself on the other side of the world. This is not my life. Not anymore. And then at some point we all wake up. Come down from on high. Welcome back to reality. Rain check please. I’m gonna shut down. There’s nothing left for it. Check out. Leave my bags at the counter. Iced latte to go and if I don’t remember to come back, well it wasn’t worth it anyway. But where will you go? Where will you be? On a spaceship somewhere. Sailing over an empty sea.


Even Now…

Even now

We hover an arm’s length away

And I see myself reflected in her eyes

Twins, staring back

Beckoning me forwards


Even now

When a mist obscures everything

She’s clear to me

Form without beauty

Beauty without form


Even now

After all is said and done

Long past the moment we touched

And felt and held and loved

Long after that she clings to me

And I to her